Professional center

Thanks to our specialized equipment, we are able to make an accurate diagnostic of your batteries's operating state of any brand and provide the technical and justificative documents (graphic charts...) 


Every day, we keep working on the development of innovantive solutions for lithium batteries. The aim is to manage recycling and re-use e-bikes battery lithium cells. 


Are you developing a project in relation to lithium 18650 cells ? We can provide advice to you to optimize their use and achieve your idea ! 


If you have specific needs (resistance to temperature, high autonomy, strong power), we can adapt the choice of cells to offer you a personalized solution.


Thanks to our deep understanding and knowledge of the Power Assisted Bike battery market, we are able to offer you high quality products.


One of our main strength is our reactivity! We use our resources at its best to honor your requests in the shortest delay. 

Do you think we can help ? Do not hesitate to contact us on the phone +33 (0) or by email at