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Electric bike battery charger

Discover a wide range of chargers for electric bicycle batteries, compatible with all makes and manufactured by the biggest players in the cycling market. 

Select the charger best suited to your two-wheeler according to the voltage of your battery (24V, 36V or 48V), the number of pins and the shape of the charging connector (XLR male or female connector, 18M3P connector, RCA connector, DC2.1 connector, etc.), the technology used by your battery (lithium-ion, lead or nickel) and the brand indicated on your original charger (Bosch, TransX, Phylion, etc.).

Give your battery back all the energy it needs to enjoy long rides on your electric bike!


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2-year guarantee on all our new and reconditioned products

Responsive customer service by email, phone or online chat

Your product is carefully sent, packaged and protected

If you have any questions,
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The best brands of electric bike chargers

The electric bike battery charger is an essential part of getting the most out of your two-wheeler: a battery can't work without all the energy supplied by its charger!

There are many brands and manufacturers of electric bike battery chargers, with varying degrees of recognition for their quality. So we've selected the best manufacturers on the market: we offer Bosch bike chargers, Yamaha bike chargers and BMZ bike chargers, as well as multi-brand electric bike chargers. Since 2014, Doctibike has been doing its utmost to provide you with the best brands of cycle chargers with good value for money.


How do you choose your electric bike charger?

In general, electric bike battery chargers have a lifespan of 10 years, provided they are used and maintained properly. You may need to change it for various reasons: the battery charger no longer works or the charging tip is damaged. You may also need to buy a secondary charger so that you can charge your battery directly at work and avoid having to carry it with you all the time. In these cases, you'll probably want to turn to an electric bike charger specialist like Doctibike.

Choosing a charger compatible with your two-wheeler can be a difficult task if you don't understand all the terms used on the back of a charger. Doctibike can help you choose the right charger for your bike's battery. Whether you're looking for a 36V, 24V or 48V electric bike charger, Doctibike has all these chargers on sale in its online shop.


Before you start looking for your future electric bike charger from among the many references out there, you need to take your current charger (your original one) and read the information on its label: 


- First check the voltage (24V, 36V or 48V)

- Then note the technology used: this may be lithium-ion (sometimes called "li-ion"), lead or nickel (sometimes called "nimh").

- Take into account the charging current (2A, 4A, 6A, etc.)

- Finally, check the connections on your battery, particularly the charging connector. This can be of different types: XLR, Jack, RCA, etc.

Knowing this information will help you identify the right charger for your battery.

If you want to know exactly how to choose an electric bike battery charger, Doctibike has written an article to guide you!


How much does an electric bike charger cost?

There are essentially 3 types of bike charger: compact, standard and fast. Doctibike strives to offer you chargers at the best prices all year round. Prices for electric bike chargers can vary from €30 to €99, and some top brand chargers can cost up to €150. Compact and fast chargers are more expensive than standard bike charger


Final tips for extending the life of your electric bike charger

As a general rule, all electronic equipment should be stored in a place sheltered from the sun, cold and damp. The best way to make your battery charger last is to store it indoors. 


To find out more, Doctibike gives you 5 tips for recharging your electric bike battery correctly.

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