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Electric bike batteries

Renew or recondition your electric bike battery!

Batteries from the best manufacturers on the market, such as Bosch, Shimano, BMZ, TransX and Phylion, are available in our online shop.

Whatever the make of your cycle (Arcade, BH Bikes, Bulls, Kalkhoff, Giant, Intersport, etc.) or the engine used by your two-wheeler (Brose, Impulse, Neodrives, etc.), you can get a replacement solution for your bike battery.

We offer a wide choice of 24V, 36V and 48V bicycle battery models. Several capacities are also available, depending on how you use your bike.


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2-year guarantee on all our new and reconditioned products

Responsive customer service by email, phone or online chat

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How do I choose an electric bike battery? 

Whatever the make and model of your electric bike, find the right bike battery for your two-wheeler by following our experts' advice. 

Is your electric bike battery compatible with your cycle?

Some manufacturers and well-known bicycle brands clearly display their name or logo on their batteries: this is the case with Bosch bike batteries or BH bike batteries. In this case, it's easy to identify the model of battery your electric bike needs.

But the battery brand is not always shown on the label! This is the case, for example, with Gitane batteries, which are harder to identify. To find the right battery for your two-wheeler, you first need to make sure that its technical specifications match those of your electric bike:

  • - the location of the battery on the bike: it can be fitted to the frame, placed on the rear of the bike as a luggage rack or integrated into the seat tube (integrated or semi-integrated). Each bike has its own specific location, designed to accommodate a particular type of battery: batteries in different locations are not interchangeable!

  • - Bike battery voltage: the battery voltage must match the voltage recommended for your electric bike.

There are 24V electric bike batteries, 36V electric bike batteries and 48V electric bike batteries on the market. The voltage is always indicated on the battery label, so you can find out which voltage to select by examining your old battery (this information can also be found on the purchase invoice for your electric bike). 

  • - the battery discharge port: this is the plug that connects the battery to your electric bike. It comes in various shapes (round, hexagonal, rectangular, etc.) and has several holes and pins for connecting the battery to the bike. Each make and model of bike has its own specific discharge port.

What power should you choose for your electric bike battery?

Have you found the right battery for your two-wheeler? You can now choose the power of your E-Bike or MTB battery. The power of a battery is expressed in Watt-hours ("Wh"). You can increase the power of your bike battery by choosing a higher amperage: the higher the amperage, the longer you ride. 

For example, if you choose a 36V 10Ah battery (360 Wh) for your cycle, you'll be able to cycle an average of 45 km. Similarly, a 48V electric bicycle battery with 13Ah (i.e. a power of 624Wh) will give you an average range of 65 km on your electric two-wheeler.

Choose the amperage of your electric bike battery to suit your use! Small-capacity batteries are ideal for occasional use or for commuting. Are you a keen electric mountain biker? It's best to choose a high-capacity electric mountain bike battery, with at least 16Ah. A powerful mountain bike battery will give you the electric assistance and range you need for dynamic off-road riding.

You can also read our advice and tips on choosing the right electric bike battery. 


How much does an electric bike battery cost?

The price of a new electric bike battery is generally between €500 and €700: this price range applies to 80% of electric bikes currently on the market. 

The price of a battery varies according to its brand, the quality of its manufacture and its power. For example, a 36V electric bike battery with a high amperage (14Ah or more) is more powerful than a bike battery with a lower amperage: it therefore gives you more range on the road, but is more expensive to buy.

Having your electric bike battery reconditioned is generally cheaper: refurbishing your bike battery in our workshop in France can save you up to 30%!

Why have your electric bike battery reconditioned? 

Opting for the reconditioning of your bike battery is both an ecological and economical choice.

On the one hand, it's more economical to have your bike battery reconditioned, since the cost of reconditioning is up to 30% cheaper than buying new. Refurbishing a battery costs between €389 and €489, depending on the brand and power. If you wish, reconditioning also allows you to increase the capacity of your battery, so you can cover more kilometres on your electric two-wheeler.

What's more, reconditioning is an eco-responsible choice because it uses fewer resources than producing a new battery. It also means you don't have to worry about any compatibility problems between your new battery and your electric bike, as most of the components of your original battery are retained.  

Do you have a problem with your battery, or would you like to know if it can be repaired? Opt for an electric bike battery diagnosis and get a complete health check!

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