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Unbridling an electric bike: what are the risks and dangers?

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Electric cycling has become an increasingly popular option for many two-wheeled enthusiasts, offering an environmentally-friendly and practical alternative to urban travel and outdoor recreation. However, some users are tempted to debride their electric bike to increase its speed or assistance. In this article, we explain why unbridling an electric bike is dangerous, illegal and can compromise your safety and that of other road users.

Why unbridling an electric bike is dangerous

1. Increased risk of accidents

By exceeding the maximum speed authorised by the manufacturer, you considerably increase the risk of serious accidents. E-bikes are designed to operate safely at specific speeds, and taking a bike out of gear can compromise the integrity of its components and its ability to react quickly in unexpected situations.

2. Instability and loss of control

Taking an electric bike out of gear can lead to increased instability, particularly when cornering or descending rapidly. Braking and suspension systems may not be designed to handle higher speeds, which can lead to loss of control and serious falls.

3. Reduced component life

Unbridling an electric bicycle causes its electronic components to deteriorate more quickly. The life of the battery, motor, controller and display will be greatly reduced if the bike is unbridled.

4. Legal problems

In many regions, unbridling an electric bike is illegal and can result in substantial fines or even prosecution. Road authorities take vehicle safety offences very seriously, and unboxing an e-bike is a flagrant breach of current regulations.

The legal implications of unbridling

Unbridling an electric bicycle can have serious legal consequences:

  • Fines ranging from €7,500 to €30,000 and up to 6 months' imprisonment
  • Legal risk:
    An unbridled bike is considered to be a moped. You must therefore comply with the regulations that apply to these vehicles (helmet, insurance, cycle licence, etc.). If you ride in a private domain or in a well-supervised sports environment, there will be no problem.
  • Cancellation of the manufacturer's warranty:
    An unbridled bike no longer carries a manufacturer's warranty. How will the seller know? Unboxed bikes are becoming more and more widespread, and retailers are able to detect the slightest trace of "tuning" on an electric two-wheeler, even if you have removed the unboxing kit.

It is therefore essential to comply with local regulations on electric bikes and to recognise that unboxing an electric bike can have serious repercussions for your safety and legal status.

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Tips for safe electric cycling

Rather than unbridling your electric bike, here are a few tips to optimise your electric cycling experience in complete safety:

  • 1. Respect speed limits: Adapt your speed to road conditions and legal limits to ensure your safety and that of other road users.
  • 2. Maintain your bike regularly: Make sure your electric bike is in good working order by carrying out regular checks and following the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations.
  • 3. Wear protective equipment: Always wear a helmet and other appropriate protective equipment when riding an electric bicycle to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.
  • 4. Take a course: If you're new to electric cycling, consider taking a course to improve your riding skills and your understanding of the rules of the road.

Our expert opinion on unbridling bikes

Unbridling an electric bike may seem attractive to those looking for superior performance, but the associated risks are very real. As well as being dangerous from a safety point of view, debriding an electric bike is also illegal in many jurisdictions and can have serious legal consequences. Instead, focus on safe and responsible electric cycling by complying with local regulations and following the appropriate safety advice. At Doctibike, we believe that your safety and that of other road users should always be your number one priority, even if that means riding a little slower!

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